Directed Assembly of Tailored Multilayers of Nanoparticles (NPs) Using Click Chemistry

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A general and versatile approach to fabricate the nanoparticles monolayer and tailored multilayers on any kind of substrate.

Key Features: 

  • NPs mono/multilayers fabricated by alternative deposition of azide/alkyne modified nanoparticles on alkyne/azide modified substrates using click chemistry.
  • NPs monolayer and multilayers are stable in different conditions (such pH, Temperature]
  • NPs monolayers have excellent electrocatalytic activity and stability for methanol oxidation, water splitting and have excellent photocatalytic organic dye degradation
  • NPs mono/multilayer fabrication requires mild reaction conditions (e.g. room temperature, mild solvents, and neutral pH], high yield, less or no by - product etc
  • Invention provides the control over the multilayer formation which facilitates the fabrication of hybrid heterostructures for capturing wide solar spectrum.


  • Photoelectrochemical water splitting, electrochemistry, catalysis etc.
  • Biosensing, drug delivery, photonics.

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