Dielectric Resonator

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11/248, 023

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Improved dielectric resonators wherein the spurious frequency modes are highly subsided.

Key Features: 

  • The modified ring DR provides a design for a dielectric resonator which provides 6% in absolute terms and 12-15% in comparative values improved mode separation as compared with the conventional devices.
  • The modified ring DR shows no deterioration Q-factor of fundamental mode as compared to a conventional ring DR in MIC environment.
  • The filling factor of the interfering modes does not influence the modified ring resonator for various thickness of the substrate.
  • The modified ring DR exhibits much lower degradation of mode separation than the conventional ring resonator while tuning.
  • The modified ring DR offers veratility in choosing the substrate thickness.


  • Communications electronics, specially in microwave telecom systems for satellite telecom as well as terrestrial links and cellular mobile handsets

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