Device for Power Control and Storm Security for Savonius Wind Turbine

Patent Status: 

Patent Filed

Indian Patent Applicaton No: 

1217/ DEL/2010

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A device that can control power of the savonius wind turbines in high wind situation such as storms and hurricanes, without compromising any of its advantages.

Key Features: 

  • The built in device provides automatic power control and storm security.
  • The invention could be used for both electricity generation and developing mechanical power to drive positive displacement pump lifting water or a grinder crushing grain.
  • The device consists of a window on each by small wind turbine cup of the turbine and a shutter that firms/Labs (<5kW) for automatically opens due to centrifugal power generation/water force when the rpm of the turbine pumping/grain grinding exceeds a threshold limit.


  • The open shutter releases wind pressure and also offers aerodynamic braking and thereby limits rpm and controls power.
  • The device is simple in use, inexpensive in construction, and extremely effective in turbine protection.

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