Device for power control and storm protection for variable pitch Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

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Device to control the rotational speed and power for a variable pitch VAWT

Novelty features of the current invention

Key Features: 

  • A new method for braking of the variable pitch vertical axis wind turbine
  • involves creation of a device that automatically aligns the ground link with respect to the incoming wind direction, which changes the phase angle of the pitching amplitude variation
  • The speed control and braking capability can be automated easily by use of simple feedback control system
  • Requires a smaller actuator / servo, thus the weight and cost of the turbine is low


  • Rural non-electrified India.
  • Business establishments
  • High rise societies, shopping malls, government and private complexes, hospitals, schools etc. which have significant potential of tapping wind energy due to their higher and large rooftop area.
  • Hilly areas with abundant wind energy potential, but lack of round-the-clock power supply.

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