A Device for Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of a Work piece and Magnetic Abrasive Finishing Process

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A device for magnetic abrasive finishing of multiple workpieces and magnetic abrasive finishing process (MAF).

Key Features: 

  • It is based on the electro-magnetic behavior of magnetic abrasive particles.
  • In MAF, the magnetic abrasive particles align themselves along the magnetic lines of force forming a flexible magnetic abrasive brush (FMAB).
  • The active magnetic particles trapped between the FMAB and workpiece surface create micro indentation on the workpiece surface and remove material.
  • MAF is based on the magnetization property of ferromagnetic iron and the machining property of the abrasive used.
  • Multiple shafts can be finished simultaneously to the same level using this process.


  • Finishing of bearings, precision automotive components, ultra high speed shafts used for ciyogenic applications and artificial hip joints made of oxide ceramic and cobalt alloy components.

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