A Device for Extracting Power from To-and-fro Wind

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The wells wind turbine, which is currently used in Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Device for extraction of power from ocean waves, stalls when high waves (more energetic) arrive and should be replaced by the present device that can cope with high waves without stalling.

Key Features: 

  • The device is based on the principle that a cascade of airfoils can turn a stream through large angles without stalling.
  • Two zero-stagger- cascade of 5 or 6 symmetric airfoils are deployed on a core body to create a new turbine.
  • The core body consists of a hemisphere, a cylinder and another hemisphere joined back to back to produce a long streamlined body that looks like an aircraft fuselage.
  • An optimal gap-chord ratio has been specified for the cascade .


  • ​Used in Oscillating Water Column Wave Energy Device.

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