Dead Block Predictors for Cooperative Execution in the Last-level Cache

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Patent Filed

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Proposes online algorithms to decide the replacement priorities of the cache blocks in an exclusive last-level cache shared between multiple processors so that the data shared by multiple threads are retained longer inside the chip-multiprocessor and the potentially dead blocks are replaced early from the cache.

Key Features: 

  • The proposed online algorithm has two components. One component dynamically learns the set of potentially shared cache blocks by observing the coherence activities. The second component partitions the private cache blocks into a few categories and learns the reuse probability of each category.
  • The reuse probabilities of the private block categories are used to replace early the private blocks that are potentially dead so that more space is created in the cache for holding the shared data.


  • Efficient management of a multi-level cache hierarchy in chip-multiprocessors running shared memory multi-threaded applications with cooperatively shared data such as database servers, web servers, etc.

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