Coplanar Microwave Sensor

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Non-invasive and Non-Destructive Coplanar Microwave Sensor for Dielectric Measurement of Liquids and Granular Materials at RF and microwave frequencies.

Key Features: 

  • The test specimen is filled into a disposable container beforehand thus avoiding any direct contact between the sample and the designed sensor or the electronic circuitry. 
  • Requires the measurement of the reflection and transmission coefficients using a vector network analyzer by connecting the sensor loaded with the test specimen between two ports of the analyzer through appropriate transitions.
  • The dielectric properties of the test specimen are determined in terms of the measured reflection and transmission coefficients using standard mathematical algorithms.


  • Suited for viscous liquids such as resins, whose dielectric properties are important for microwave heating and material processing applications.
  • In Agricultural and food industry for finding adulteration & contamination for products such as oil, milk etc.
  • In the biomedical field, for testing of blood samples.

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