Confering Plants with Nematode Resistance

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Compositions and method for modulating the expression of a target gene in a target pathogen through a host plant for the pathogen.

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This invention is primary based on the reasoning that the dsRNA expressed in the host plants will most likely trigger RNAi response in parasites.

  • A specific set of criterion is used to select the target genes, namely splicing factor and integrase.namely:
    • RNAi for the target gene must work robustly in the free-living nematode C. elegen.
    • The function of the target gene must be well conserved in diverse groups of organisms.
    • The nucleotide sequence of the target gene should not share a high degree of similarity with other organisms.
  • Two novel DNA sequences have been used in this invention.


  • Farmers, Cut-flower industries and Agricultural biotechnology etc.

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