A Computing Mechanism for Automation of Rapid Thermal Anneal of Semiconductor

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A computing mechanism and machine has been developed, dependant on predetermined requirements of refractive indices (nr) or absorption coefficients (a) of intermixed III-V compound semiconductor quantum wells, for the control of the RTA process

Key Features: 

  • A generic computing mechanism has been developed to control the rapid thermal anneal [RTA) process depending on predetermined requirement of refractive indices (nr) or absorption coefficients (a) of a wide range of intermixed III-V compound semiconductor quantum wells.
  • The user will have to provide the material parameters and the RTA system parameters to the computing machine and the generic system will perform the required computation to control the RTA system for achieving  a predetermined refractive indices  (nr) and absorption coefficients (alpha) of the    intermixed MQW structure.


  • In optoelectronic devices design and fabrication.
  • Development of automation software which will help to control the operation of rapid Thermal Processor for MQW intermixing.

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