Composite Reusable Adhesives

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This is the first attempt in creation of a pressure-sensitive adhesive that has the adhesion strength of commonly used visco-elastic adhesives, but higher structural integrity of elastic surfaces allowing its clean separation, anti-fouling and re-usability characteristics.

Key Features: 

  • Present solution provides a reusable and anti-fouling adhesive compared to viscoelastic pressure sensitive adhesives (PAS) present in the market currently.
  • Owing to its reusability, the proposed formulation is environment friendly, Green solution.
  • Does not leave residue and stains on surfaces after its removal.
  • This will also provide making of antifouling coatings and easy clean surfaces compared to present adhesives.
  • This has potential in adhesive, paint and coating industries.


  • This adhesive has the potential for reusable pressure sensitive adhesive development.
  • The adhesive can be used for antifouling coating.
  • In medical devices such as ECG device, wound care device etc.

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