Carry Bag Making Machine

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Machines for making carry bags

Carry Bag Making Machine

Key Features: 

  • Versatile compact and low cost paper carry bag making machine with an aim to mass produce newspaper carry bags throughout India and it is compact and low cost.
  • Frugality is the novel aspect of this invention.
  • The materials used in building the prototype are readily available accounting to the low cost of machine.
  • A 3 fold improvement in the number of bags produced per hour in comparison with the present day manual bags produced.
  • By Using solar powered batteries enables the efficient use of machine in rural India where there is scarcity of constant power supply.
  • It has combined both creasing and folding process into a single assembly.
  • Gluing assembly is also part of the same compact unit, which avoids the use of separate machines for different tasks as in the existing machines.


  • Carry Bag Manufacturing Industry

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