Carbon Nanotube Coated Long Fiber and the Process for Preparation thereof

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It enables growing of carbon nanotube on the surface of carbon fiber to use outstanding properties of carbon-nano-tube i.e., Young's modulus of 1.25 TPa, tensile strength of — 100 GPa and thermal conductivity of 37,000 w/mk.

Key Features: 

  • Unlimited length of substrate.
  • Uniform coating and excellent modulus in composite structure is obtained.
  • Length and diameter of carbon nanotube can be varied within the range 10-20000 nm and 1-60 nm respectively.
  • Insitu process with less production cost.
  • High electrical conductivity is obtained.


  • This new generation material has immense applications ranging from aerospace, automobiles, medical applications, heavy machinery, space materials, chemical, civil engineering industries, etc.

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