Carbon nanotube and nanoparticle coated carbon fiber reinforced-polymer hybrid nanocomposite with improved thermomechanical properties and a process for preparation thereof

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Hybrid nanocomposite using polyester resin and nanoparticle-carbon-nanotube coated carbon fiber. This composite is more thermally stable, electrically conducting and shows significant improvement in modulus.

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  • Outstanding mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes are obtained (Young’s modulus of ~1.25 TPa, and Tensile strength of ~ 100 GPa] in a structural hybrid composite.
  • Problem of dispersion in the matrix is avoided as carbon nanotube are need not to be added during fabrication.
  • Excellent thermal stability and mechanical properties are obtained.


Wide ranging applications from aerospace, automobiles, medical applications, heavy machinery, space materials, chemical, civil engineering industries, etc.

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