Carbon Nanocomposite Preparation and Uses thereof

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Nanocarbon based composite filter for low cost drinking water removing most of the pollutants.

Key Features: 

  • The composite filter traps arsenic, fluoride and other heavy metal salts.
  • It removes extra salinity from water.
  •  It removes pesticides, hydrocarbon and organic molecules.
  • It also removes pathogenic microbes from water.
  • The filter is mainly based on nano carbon materials with pore sizes 20 to 50 nm incorporated with certain functional groups and made composite with some other materials and can be synthesized readily at low cost to fit the rural economy.


  • This filter does not require extra energy and can be used in remote places without electricity and thus ideal for its rural use.
  • For trekking or for military operation in remote places portable cartridge type this filter can help to purify any available water to potable quality.

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