Butt Joint using Reinforced Adhesives

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Simplified concepts of a butt joint using reinforced adhesives of two components of either similar or dissimilar materials.

Key Features: 

  • A sheet of balanced glass fiber reinforced with adhesive resin is wound along the joining interface of the pipes
  • A plurality of layers of adhesive reinforced balanced glass fiber is wound at the joining interface
  • The winding of the multiple layers of the fabric may have different configurations
  • Curing is done at room temperature, helps to preserve the parental properties of the material and binds multiple layers of the reinforced fabric together
  • In the cold joining of components made of dissimilar materials occurs without changing the properties of the components
  • Joining of different cross section, thickness and co-efficient of thermal expansion.


  • Piping industries like chemical, Petroleum, underground piping, underwater structures etc

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