Bi-Metal Nanoadsorbents and Methods for their preparation and use

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13/482, 564

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Method to prepare multi-functional carbon based micro-nanoadsorbents having improved simultaneous adsorption capacity for different contaminants in wastewater.

Key Features: 

  • A simple, economically viable method is experimentally demonstrated to develop polymeric spherical beads of uniform size [~1 mm).
  • Such prepared multi-functional micro-nanoadsorbents have shown remarkably high metals loading, and consequently large removal capacity for a number of contaminants in water, for example, arsenic, fluoride ions, and also, Vitamin B-12, which is found in pharmaceutical effluents.
  • These beads may be milled to produce nano particles ~ 100 nm.


  • Industrial Applications dealing with the manufacturing of water filters and purifiers.

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