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A new kind of milling apparatus with optional tilting arrangement which enables grinding, mechanical alloying and reducing the hard and soft materials to ultra-fine or nano-sized powders with more uniform size distribution.

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  • This invention describes a new apparatus called High Energy Variable Transmission Ratio Multi Tilt Planetary Ball Mill
  • It consists of cylindrical containers evenly placed on the gyration arm.
  • The containers rotate and revolve about different set of axes [Gyration axis, Jar axis and Jar rotation axis]
  • Transmission ratio can be varied by varying the speed of jar and gyration arm independently Different tilting arrangements have been introduced, such as [a] Zero tilt,[b] Jar axis tilt, (c) Jar rotation axis tilt, [d] Both jar and jar rotation axis tilt, [e] Gyration axis tilt.
  • Different tilting combination increases randomization in ball movement and facilitate more homogeneous particle size distribution.
  • Controlling milling environment gives a better flexibility to mill different types of materials.


  • This new kind of ball mill can be a very attractive apparatus in the field of nano-materials, particulate material, high energy milling, mechanical alloying, pharmaceutical companies, powder metallurgy companies, automobile industries, cutting tool industries etc

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