ASJQ: Skylines with Aggregate Operations Over Multiple Relations

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US8504581 B2

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Proposes "aggregate skyline join queries" [ASJQ] which extends skyline queries to multiple relations where the skyline computation considers local as well aggregate attributes.

Key Features: 

  • The proposed "aggregate skyline join query” allows relational database systems to natively support multicriteria decision making. This will eliminate the need for data analysis engines that query the data and perform optimization separately.
  • The proposed algorithms to compute ASJQ are scalable with the cardinality and dimensionality of the relations.
  • The proposed algorithms are online and can provide tuples guaranteed to be in the skyline, even before the full skyline is computed, and are thus suitable for real-time applications.


In real-time applications like:

  •  Electronic commerce
  •  Dynamic resource allocation
  •  Route computation, travel planning
  •  Bidding strategies for online ad auctions.

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