An Arrangement for Jet Engine to Reduce Noise

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Focuses on reducing the jet noise.

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  • Implementation of high pressure differential in the case of turbo fan engine with a high bypass ratio to bleed off a portion of bypass flow into the core flow.
  • The provision of bleeding a part of the bypass flow to the core flow results in a significant reduction in jet noise.
  • It constitutes "After Dilation" to make use of the pressure difference between the bypass and the core to mix a portion of the bypass air stream with the core flow, thus effectively mixing the flow and increasing the thrust.
  • "After Dilation” smoothens out the velocity profile, thus decreasing the velocity gradient and hence the jet noise, which contributes a large part to the engine noise.


  • For reducing the jet noise and improving the fuel efficiency of turbofan engines.
  • Potential scope of applicability in power generation using gas turbines.

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