Adhesive Surface and its process of Fabrication

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Preparing a Nano- to micro-patterned surface on elastomer by using a porous Hydrogel as a template

Optical Micrographs

Key Features: 

  • Use of environmentally benign material for preparing template as well as the final product.
  • Using different monomer to water weight ratio for varying the porosity of the Hydrogel
  • Varying the pore shape by using crystal of different salts which are used as precipitants
  • Templates of different length scales developed by removing water by different squeezing techniques
  • Interfacial instability driven Nano-patterns on the surface of the cross linked elastomer were generated
  • Template can be reused multiple times
  • Process is amenable for easy scale-up.


  • Applications requiring re-usable adhesion, e.g. sticky mat in laboratories, hospitals and clean rooms; keyboard guard for laptop and desktop, sticky pad for wall hanging purposes
  • Adhesive pads for locomotion of wall climbing robots.
  • Gloves and pads useful for handling heavy equipments.
  • Sticky feet and supports for heavy duty ladders.
  • Sticky handkerchief for dry cleaning of hand.

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