Computer and Electrical Engineering Patent Records

Inventions Title
A 3D Integrated Universal Digital GATE
A Computing Mechanism for Automation of Rapid Thermal Anneal of Semiconductor
A Dynamic Logic Family using only N or P-type Enhancement Mode-MOSFET
A Glove Box for Electric-Field Annealing and Fabrication of Organic Electronic Devices
A Green Process for fabrication of Binary Masks with Isolated features for Micromachining and Photolithography
A Human-Hand Detection System, Apparatus and a Method Thereof
A Lithography Based Two Stage Reservoir in an Electrolyte Insulator Semiconductor Device
A Low Complexity Symbol Timing Estimator for MIMO Modem Using two Samples per Symbol
A Method and System for Generating Correct 3D Geometry of Moving Object using Laser Scanning
A Method and System for Human Gesture based on Visual Contour Analysis
A Method of Varying Threshold Voltage in MOSFETs
A Power Supply System for Electronic Devices
A Process for Compression of Surveillance Video Data for Long Storage in Smaller Storage Medium
A System and Method for Electronic Retail Banking
A System and Method for Transmitting Mails from a First Location to a Second Location
All Optical Reflectors based WDM Optical Packet Switch
An Apparatus for Shadow-Mask Deposition and Method Thereof
An Architecture for Rearrangebly Non blocking all Optical Cross Connect Wavelength Division Multiplexing Switching System
An Improved Lateral Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) on selective Buried Oxide (selbox) and a Method for Manufacturing the same
An Improved Organic Optoelectronic Device
An Organic/Polymer low Information Content Displays
Analog Maximum Power Point Tracker for Solar Photovoltaic
ASJQ: Skylines with Aggregate Operations Over Multiple Relations
Bypass and Insertion Algorithms for Exclusive Last-Level Caches
Convergent Matrix Factorization Based Entire Frame
Conversion of Aspect Ratio Using a Novel Mirror Set-Up
Coplanar Microwave Sensor
Dead Block Predictors for Cooperative Execution in the Last-level Cache
Dielectric Resonator
Flight Planning for Airborne data acquisition
Four Dimensional Reconstruction and Charaterization System
Gain Swept HDR Imaging using Conventional Cameras
Hierarchy-aware Replacement for Inclusive Last-level Caches
Image Based Structural Characterization Of Fibrous Materials
Image Enhancement
Improved Single Phase Phase-Locked Loop
Magnesium Inserted Porphyrin Compound, its Blends and Devices thereof
Manufacturing of Organic Photovoltaic Device
Method of Fabricating Organic Thin Film and Organic Thin Film thereof
Method, System and Device for Enhancing Flow Field Data
Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis
Optical Enhancement of Two-Photon Absorption Process
Pentacene Deposition in Organic thin film Transistors
Power Extraction From Direct Current Power Source
Power Supply System
Real time digital image stabilization
Remote Service Machine (RSM)
Safety System for Vehicles
Signal Detection System
Soundcape Generation
Split-Table ATM Multicast Switch
Systems and Methods for Imaging Characteristics of a Sample and for Identifying Regions of Damage in the Sample
Systems and Methods for Signature Verification
Transfer of Power to Contact-Less Smart Cards with Light from the Reader
Vein Visualization Device
WDM Optical Packet Switch incorporating Fiber Bragg Gratings and Circulator
Wide Band Loop Antenna

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