The E- Cell at IIT Kanpur envisions a time, when youth will look up to the new generation of CEO’s and entrepreneurs as their modern day rock stars. Motivated by this vision, an enthusiastic bunch of people at E-Cell, are working to induce an entrepreneurial mindset into the students and to air an innovative streak in them.

Business Club

The Business Club aims to inform, inspire and encourage students about business and entrepreneurship. The club enhances one's acquaintance with the business world with the help of Focus groups: Strategy group, FINIIT group (finance enthusiasts of IIT Kanpur) and the Newsletter, and by holding regular lectures, workshops, competitions and strategic games, which unveil the real market situations to the students.


Promotion of Work Experience & Research (PoWER) is a student body aimed at promoting and coordinating student research and development through industry-academia interaction. It aims to provide students the freedom and opportunities to work upon diverse areas of business, technology and existing industrial and national challenges as well as pursue their own ideas so as to become innovators and future leaders. It is a step towards creating a Sustainable Innovation Ecosystem.


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