Chemical And Life Sciences Patent Records

Inventions Title
A biodegradable smoke filter material
A Biosensor with Improved Specificity
A Composition and Mechanism to Extend Life Span of an Organism and Protection against Neurodegenerative Diseases
A Drug Screening Process and a Drug Formulation for Huntington’s disease
A Generic Fabrication of Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic Nanoparticle Encapsulated Carbon Capsules for Theranostic Applications
A Method and Apparatus for the Formation of Patterns on Surfaces and an Assembly and Alignment of the Structure thereof
A Method of Measuring BMP signaling using BMP responsive reported cell line
A Method of Transporting Different Hydrocarbon Liquid Fuels through a Pipeline Without Mixing
A Nano Polymer Coating and a Process for Coating the Same on stent System
A Needle for Puncturing
A Novel in vitro Method of Screening for Anti-Cancer Activity
A Novel Rotating Packed Bed (RPB) Device for Distillation Process
A One-Pot Process For The Synthesis of Indole and Indole Derivatives
A Photo Electrochemical Water Splitting Device
A Process for Generating Miniaturised Replicas of a 2D or 3D Pattern or an Object
A Process for Synthesis of Polymeric Micro/Nano-Particles for Controlled Delivery Applications
A System for Generating Crystal of Desired Size and Number Density of a Bio-molecule and Process thereof
Adhesive Surface and its process of Fabrication
An Electrolyte Insulator- Semiconductor based Microfluidic Immunosensor Device
An Integrated Microchip for the Detection of a Biological Cell
Arginine Derivatives as Polyglutamine Aggregation Inhibitors
BFPT Thin Films Heterostructures and Process Thereof
Breast cancer detection system
Catalysts for Hydrodesulfurization and Process for its Preparation
Cell Sheet Sngineering using Sugar Responsive Hydrogels
Composite Reusable Adhesives
Confering Plants with Nematode Resistance
Detection kit for Identification of Drugs useful for the Treatment of Lafora disease
Development of an Extraction method for a Non-Ionic Surfactant Adsorbed on Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Quantification
Disaggregation and Solubilization of Synthetic Polypeptides
Fixed Bed Hypersorber and a process for fractionation of fluid mixtures using the same
Hierarchical Porous Monoliths and Methods for their Preparation and Use
Identification of Vascular Deformation
Improved Method for Extraction of Lipopolysaccharide
Method for Preparation of Graphitic Carbon Micro-Nanofiber-based Electrodes, Asymmetrically dispersed with Bimetal Nanoparticles
Method of Polymerization and the Polymers formed thereby
Microfluidic Chip Holder
Micropattern Generation with Pulsed Laser Diffraction
Microvalves for Fluidic Applications
New Blue Fluorescent Marker for Protein Labeling: Specific and Facile reaction with Tyrosine
New Duplex Adsorption Process for Fractionation of Gas Mixture
Novel Donor-Acceptor Fluorene Scaffoflds: A Process and uses thereof
Novel Drosophila Tumor Model for Screening Anti-cancer Drugs and Methods thereof
Novel Fly Tumor Model and Methods of Screening Drugs Thereon
Phase Transformable Cryogel Scaffold for Tissue Engineering
Polymer Matrix Scaffold and Process for Preparation thereof
Process for Immobilization of Liquid Crystal on Solid Surface
Process for Nitration of Macromolecules
Process for Preparation of Chiral Y-Lactams
Process for the Recovery of Inorganic Sodium Compounds from kraft Black Liquor
Process for the Synthesis of Highly Functionalized Racemic and Non-Racemic Piperidines
PVA-Boronic Acid Containing Copolymer Compositions for Protein Delivery
Single Step Direct Patterning of Antibodies using UV Lithography
Solar Based Water Purification
Superior And Cost Effective Grease Feedstock from Ppolyethylene Mixed Waste
Surface Functionalization unit
Wound Dressing Polymer Matrix

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