Startup Internship Placement Program

Startup Internship Placement Program (SIPP)

Vision: To develop IIT Kanpur as India’s hub of Next Generation innovators, entrepreneurs and change makers and amalgamate IIT Kanpur’s leadership in innovation with its strong intellectual resources to bring out country’s frontier entrepreneurial leader.

The session 2015-16 is the 5th edition of SIP. Through SIPP, we aim to collaborate with the start-ups willing to offer internships and job opportunities to the students of IIT Kanpur. This initiative has been extremely beneficial for both start-ups as well as students. Start-ups get a bunch of highly enthusiastic students, with a high susceptibility to learning new things; and creative minds that are determined on proving their mettle in the next big league of their life. SIPP placements are scheduled between Jan-Feb period while SIPP Internships would take place during the month of March. SBERTC and E-Cell conduct Startup Internship Placement Program (SIPP) with the aim to help students get real life entrepreneurial experience. Startups from all over the world register with SIPP and organize skype interviews / personal interviews with second year, third year and fourth year students for summer internships. Resume workshops are conducted every year as part of the recruitment process with these start-ups.

The program, aiming to provide internship to students in startups hence providing them an entrepreneurial summer, was initiated in the year 2010-11 yet it reached its all glory in the year 2011-12 when 135 start ups entered in the program and provided internships to over 100 students. Apart from the stipend, the interns got industry exposure and the experience they required.