Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre

Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (SBERTC–IITK) is trying to evolve and adapt to this diverse environment and the intent here is to provide value in all entrepreneurship areas through a diverse array of activities, thus creating a world-class center for entrepreneurship education, research and training.

SBERTC aims to bring together the existing talent pool and expertise within the IME department and utilize the facilities of SIIC to prepare the ground for conducting cutting edge research, teaching, and training in entrepreneurship. Additionally, ranked as the best engineering institute of India ( Based on rankings by India Today June 2010 issue ), IIT Kanpur has one of the best infrastructures in the country that can support diverse research, teaching and training needs of such a centre.

SBREC-IITK is proposed to act as the hub for the interests and pursuits of all entrepreneurial game players — faculty, students, practitioners, financiers and most importantly the entrepreneurs themselves. Thus through this centre, we will consistently challenge students, faculty and community members to undertake entrepreneurial challenges that will have real impact and create significant value addition for all the stakeholders, including the society at large. Additionally, we will provide them with necessary and supportive education, tools, training and skills to succeed in their ventures, within any environment of our country.

The main activity of SBERTC-IITK is to conduct research in the field of Entrepreneurship in the Indian context. Through this, new tools, expertise, courses, solutions, etc. that are necessary for successful entrepreneurship in India can be materialized. Then these tools will be made available to the entrepreneurs attending SBERTC-IITK as their “finishing school” for entrepreneurship skills.

Under the guidance of Institute faculty, teams of prospective entrepreneurship students at SBERTC-IITK will meet with business owners / managers, academicians, trainers, etc. over the academic term. During their stay at SBERTC-IITK as students, they gain necessary knowledge about their firm, identify goals and objectives and discuss strategies to achieve these goals. At the end of the term, the student team will gain expertise on:

  • industry and competitive analysis
  • preparing business plans
  • developing marketing strategies
  • hiring and training of employees
  • managing product portfolio and technological advancements
  • managing financials, including investment
  • decision making under disruptions
  • process analysis, improvement and quality assurance
  • obtain an all-around, hands-on knowledge and skills to survive, grow and succeed in their ventures.