1. AGCETI 2013 –

The annual event is a congregation of experts in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation from all over the world disseminating the latest on the subject in more ways than one.

The dates for the conference are yet to be finalized.

2. Steps to flourish entrepreneurial thinking across Uttar Pradesh –

A joint effort by IIT Kanpur, TiE UP and NEN is underway to instigate and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in young minds of some selected management and engineering institutes in Uttar Pradesh. The plan is being designed to suit the needs of fresh entrepreneurial minds and also for those who have viable business ideas in mind but are finding it difficult to carve a path for themselves in the market.

The format of the program – We are considering having two consecutive sessions with the Directors and management authorities of the identified institutes in two cities Lucknow & Kanpur to facilitate higher participation. These sessions will focus on making the management authorities understand the need and benefit of entrepreneurship education for students. Discussions will allow for questions and doubts etc to be answered.

Subsequently we will consider a kind of conference for students to inspire and interest them to engage in entrepreneurship. Simultaneously we plan to organize a more intense workshop / knowledge building program for the more interested students who are ready to participate in TiE,UP run Business Plan Competition.

3. Blog: Plan to create an informal interaction platform for all the entrepreneurial minds, a place where they can discuss, develop and nurture their ideas to become a potential start up.

4.Magazine : The magazine will contain articles and updates related to innovation and entrepreneurship, insights as well as stories shared by some famous personalities and experienced people.

5.Second edition of newsletter “Accendo”: The second edition is being planned with additions in style and information to suit the needs of the entrepreneurial minds.

6. Innovative product design competition -

Maximum Team Size: 4, Refundable Caution fee : 100/-, Prizes worth Rs. 10,000 at stake.

Entries can be in 4 different categories:

1. Technology
2. Planet Earth
3. Helping the differently abled
4. Out of box (miscellaneous) 
Round 1: Introduction : Launch of the competition and introductory presentation. Team of ‘Thinking Threads’ , headed by Mrs. Butool Abbas, would give a presentation showing videos and photos of innovative examples to seed the thought process of the student. 

Round 2 : Abstract shortlisting : Groups would be asked to explain their abstracts to a panel of judges in their given time slot. Top 10 to 15 entries would be chosen and provided with mentors.

Mentors will help the teams make required modifications to the product design and will prepare them for the final round.
Round 3: Finally the groups will give a presentation (including animation/complete description as in technical art, posters, ppt) before the judging panel. Judging criteria would be product’s impact on quality of life, sustainable development etc.

7. Virtual CEO : the case study competition -

Imagine yourself sitting in top floor board room of a big conglomerate proposing the future business plans the firm should work on. To relive all the factors that come into the picture while corporate decisions as big as selecting the next CEO are taken. Cases of 3 UK Startups would be provided. Officials would be on conference from UK and will talk about their startups. No. of students: 20, Students prize money : Rs 5000/-.

8. Simulation Game -

Looking into the upbeat response from the student community for the simulation game for the past more than two years, SBERTC plans to take it further ahead with small amendments as per the requirement. We plan to extend the game to more and more colleges to increase and spread the concept of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Programmes like TEDx, Entrepreneurship Summit and INK have been planned to be organized annually in more ways than one to suit the needs of the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs and innovators.