SBERTC has the following governing structure –

  1. National Apex Advisory Committee – is in charge of developing the vision, policies and guidance for SBERTC-IITK on a long term basis. This committee includes Chairman & Managing Director of Syndicate Bank, Director of IIT Kanpur, Head of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board, Chairman & Managing Director of SIDBI and other national and international experts that are picked by mutual consensus of IIT Kanpur and Syndicate Bank. This is a 10 member committee, which meets once a year to review the progress and activities of SBERTC-IITK and provide policy decisions and suggestions for future.
  2. Core committee – is responsible for overseeing the activities of SBERTC-IITK. This committee consists of Dean Research & Development of IIT Kanpur, Head of the Department of IME Department, Coordinator of SIIC, IPR Chair Professor, SSOL Lab in-charge, Coordinator SBERTC-IITK, and three faculty members as experts in the field of entrepreneurship.
  3. Faculty coordinator – is responsible for overseeing daily activities of the center. This is a faculty member from IME Department of IIT Kanpur. There is a term of five years for the faculty coordinator tenure with a maximum limit of 10 consecutive years (2 terms). This position is a non-paid position.
  4. SBERTC-IITK Team – 4 staff members as project employees, are  responsible for conducting activities of the center based on the guidance and directions from the faculty coordinator.