The Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre (SBERTC) at IIT Kanpur aims to promote and support research in entrepreneurship, develop and teach courses, impart necessary skills to successfully manage new ventures and help new entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures. In other words, SBERTC is a “finishing school” for entrepreneurship that seeks to:

  • encourage rigorous, relevant research on entrepreneurial companies.
  • graduate well-trained, entrepreneurial thinkers.
  • act as a national centre of excellence providing diverse curriculum, facilities and resources to new and ongoing entrepreneurs.
  • offer a higher probability of success for those embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.
  • lead partnerships between Industrial and Management Engineering Department (IME) of IIT Kanpur and the SIDBI Incubation and Innovation Center (SIIC) of IIT Kanpur.
  • provide high quality virtual training programmes for entrepreneurs within and outside campus.
  • promote innovation and technological wealth creation through new ventures.
  • develop cases that documents success in the Indian context for future teaching, training and research.
  • organize conferences and workshops leading to publication in quality journals.
  • develop and publish a journal publication on an annual / bi annual basis for promoting entrepreneurship research and education in the South Asian context with focus on India.

The SBERTC-IITK supports alumni and students engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits and aims to:
  • promote research on entrepreneurial companies and on topics relevant to entrepreneurs.
  • graduate students who understand entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial companies.
  • provide resources for students and alumni embarking on entrepreneurial ventures.
  • establish relationships with the local entrepreneurial community.
  • nurture a national culture of entrepreneurship learning and training.

The SBERTC-IITK also supports entrepreneurs by :
  • graduating well-trained entrepreneurs with sufficient skills, tools and knowledge to succeed in the country and as well as abroad.
  • anticipating the issues faced by entrepreneurs in India and encouraging research to overcome those hurdles.
  • highlighting issues requiring public policy attention and facilitating fruitful dialogue and actions to realize the changes.