Entrepreneurship is mostly viewed as a pursuit of opportunity beyond the resources that you currently control. It is spread across different fields and topics ranging across new venture creation, social ventures, business model innovation, open software and internet, biotechnology, etc. Given the upcoming nature of Indian economy along with its rapid growth and the inherent talent available in the country; a proper framework to amalgamate the talents and opportunities and then streamlining them towards success is quite essential.

There are numerous attempts across the country, by government, private, and non-profit agencies alike, both individually and in partnerships to promote entrepreneurship. Facilities such as incubation centres, technology parks, etc., provide support through means such as seed capital, facilitation grants, etc., in conjunction with activities such as business plan competitions, e-weeks, etc. of different scales and magnitudes, promoting entrepreneurship. Through these activities, entrepreneurs do get attracted to work on their ideas at mostly proceed towards incubation stage; but their post-incubation sustainability remains poor.

While there are infinite, indefinite, and as well as involved arguments to this phenomenon; the root cause lies in the lack of skills and training imparted to the entrepreneurs during incubation in successfully managing their ventures for sustained durations of time. Sadly many incubation centres, technological parks, and other facilities across the nation lack in their available resource pool; enough expertise to impart such skills and tools that will ensure the success of incubates during post incubation period.