IIT Kanpur & The Robotic Society Winter School
on "Robotics and Autonomous System"
01-05 April 2019
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The next decade will be shaped by the five digital forces of:  Robotics and AI, cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile and pervasive computing and social media.  Robotics and autonomous systems is an interdisciplinary engineering field which connects the classical branches of mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science/information technology. Its applications range from machine tools, autonomous cars, drones, biomedical engineering, industrial automation, medical robotics and health care, Machine learning and AI, etc. The main objectives of this course is to first give the participants an introduction to the basic kinematics and dynamics of Robotic systems and then focus on a few advanced topics related to autonomous systems applications.  A practical session of  Matlab based integration of hardware and software is also included for real world applications. Each day will have a focussed theme on a particular area.

Focused Areas to be covered
  • Robot Kinematics and Dynamics

  • Motion planning of autonomous robotic systems

  • Medical and exoskeletons

  • Matlab based hardware implementation

  • Ground and Air Vehicles

  • Machine Learning and AI in Robotics

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Organized By:-
Center for Mechatronics, The Robotic Society (India)
Designed by Parikshit Saha
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