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About the Center for Mechatronics
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The Center for Mechatronics has the following major objectives:

  1. Laboratory Support for Students
    • for undergraduate projects
    • for postgraduate theses
  2. Research and Development
    • academic research
    • sponsored/consultancy projects
  3. Training and Information Dissemination
    • through Continuing Education Programmes
    • through the development of a reference library

Distance Training involves the guru at a distance being able to see and correct physical motions of a trainee at a distance. Applications include Surgery, Dance, sports, etc. (A view from Virtual Kathakali).

The Center for Robotics initiated a number of activities in the frontier area of Mechatronics, and has become truly interdisciplinary. In view of this, the name of the Center has been changed to Center for Mechatronics.

Fact Sheet

> People (headcount as on 5/05):

> Administration
The current head of the Center is Mr. Susmit Sen.

Research Grants Volume

Total research volume averages approximately Rs. 5 million per year. This is comprised of funding from Govt. agencies such as the DST, BRNS, DRDO and from Private/Public sector companies such as BHEL, SAIL, TISCO etc.
Surface Inspection of Steel Sheets Visual Defects (dents) are detected at multiple scales in an image of a Cold Rolled Steel Sheet. The system uses DSP-based parallel-processing since CRM speeds can go upto 20m/s.

Industrial Affiliation

Companies can participate in the activities of the Center for Robotics by sponsoring specific research projects of particular interest to them. Companies that participate with the Center are given research results in a bounded time frame. This rapid technology transfer enables industry to maintain a technological advantage in manufacturing and productivity. Other benefits to participating companies include access to research personnel, and information.

Industries with whom the Center is involved in projects include TISCO, SAIL, Samtel, BRNS, HAL, ADA, UP Fire Service, etc.

Inception and Brief History

> Inception

The first formal introductory course on Robotics for undergraduate/postgraduate students was started in 1983 in the Dept. of Mech. Engg. A big thrust to the Robotics activities at IIT Kanpur was provided through two national events in 1984:

Thereafter , the activities in Robotics at IIT Kanpur greatly increased in the form of more undergraduate/postgraduate courses, M.Tech. and Ph.D theses, and sponsored/consultancy projects.

It was realized that to have a balanced growth in an area like Robotics, it was necessary to involve more than a single department, since the faculty and the students from four academic departments and one interdisciplinary programme participated in this activity. It was with this objective that the Center for Robotics was established at IIT Kanpur in 1989. A project grant of about Rs. 5 million from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) was the main source of funds to initiate the Center.

Directions & Maps

Center for Robotics is located in 2nd floor of Northern Block (Mechanical Engg. Dept. Labs) and is left of Faculty Bulding (FB) and behind the Computer Center (CC) in the Academic Area of IIT Kanpur.

Click here for a larger map showing the approach to IIT-K from Kanpur City.

(Click on the map for larger area image. Map based on Survey of India.)

Contact Information

> Surface Mail
Center for Robotics
Rm. No. NL312, Northern Lab Building
Indian Instt. of Techonology Kanpur,
Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India - 208 016
Telephone (voice and fax) : +91 512 2597995

> Head of Mechatronics Center
Susmit Sen:

> Postgraduate Programs Admissions

Ph.D. and M.Tech. programs in robotics can be conducted in association with any department in the institute. For the M.Tech program in particular, the stream in "Robotics" from the Mechanical Department and the stream in "Artificial Intelligence" in Electrical Engineering. The department of Computer Science, has no stream but students can be enrolled for projects under Robotics. Other departments such as Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. are also possible.

You can find out more about the work done by postgraduate students in their Thesis Page

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The Center for Robotics is a central facility of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.
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