AICTE Sponsored QIP Courses



List of Approved QIP Courses from April 01, 2019 to March 31, 2020


Sl. No Title of the Course Course Coordinator Name Department Duration
1 Robotics and Autonomous System Dr. Ashish Dutta, Dr. Anjali Kulkarni ME April 01-04, 2019
2 Technological Advancement of Polymer Nanocomposites Dr. Kamal K Kar M.E April 03-07, 2019
3 Design of Engines for Emission,Compliance Prof. Avinash K Agarwal ME April 17-21, 2019
4 fundamentals of materials manufacturing processes and their applications Dr. Anish Upadhyaya, Dr. Asit P. Bajpai MSE May 06-10,2019
5 Smart Grid Technology Dr. Ankush Sharma, Dr. Saikat Chakrabarti EE May 09-13, 2019
6 Energy: Sources ,Utilization and world perspective Dr. P. K. Panigrahi, Dr. A. K. Saha, Dr. K. Muralidhar M.E July 29 - August 3, 2019 , October 09-13, 2019
7 Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility(EMI/EMC) Techniques Prof. M. Jaleel Akhtar E.E October 9-13,2019
8 fundamental and practical aspects of corrosion Dr. Kallol Mondal, Dr. Sudhanshu S. Singh MSE June 22-26, 2019
9 Electromagnetic Metamaterials:Microwave-Infra-red- Optical Applications Dr. Kumar Vaibhav Srivastava (EE), Dr. S. Anantha RamaKrishna (PHY) PHY,EE August 19-23, 2019
10 Statistical Analysis for Engineers & Researchers(SAFER-2019) Prof. Shalabh Maths may 31 - june 4, 2019
11 TEM and HRTEM Analysis of Materials Prof.Gouthama and Dr. J Bhagyaraj MSE September 2-6, 2019
12 Electrochemical energy generation and storage materials Dr. Sri. Shiva kumar and Dr.Raj Ganesh S. Pala/CHE Chemical Engg. 14-18 November 2019
13 Electroceramics for Energy Applications Dr.Tanmoy Maiti & Dr. Shobit Omar MSE 4-8 November 2019
14 FUZZY Systems:theories,concepts and its applications Prof. Nishchal. K. verma E.E December 9-13,2019
15 Design for Manufacture and Assembly Dr.Niraj Sinha ME February 10-14, 2020
16 An Introduction to Computational tomographic imaging Dr. Naren Naik EE January 20-24, 2020
17 Molecular Gas Dynamics Dr. Rakesh Kumar AE rescheduled
18 Laser:Fundamentals and Applications Dr. Manabendra Chandra Chemistry rescheduled
19 Computational Chemistry and its Applications Dr. D.L.V.K. Prasad Chemistry rescheduled
20 Thermal Energy Storage for Effective Energy Management Dr. Arvind kumar M.E February 10-14, 2020

Wating List of proposed QIP short term courses from April 01,2019 to March 31,2020


Sl. No Title of the Course Course Coordinator Name Department Duration
1 Analytical and Rumerical Methods in Geomechanics Prof. P. Ghosh CE Feb 17-21, 2020
2 Indian Traditional Technology Dr. D.P. Mishra A.E April 09-14,2019
3 Workshop on Statistical techniques and R.Software Prof. Arshad Rahman, Prof. Shalabh E.S April 29-03 may,2019
4 chemistry & Modern applications of Lanthanides Dr. Ashish K. Patra Chemistry Sept 14-18, 2019
5 Mechanical properties of structural materials Dr. Nilesh P. Gurao, Dr. Shashank Shekhar, Dr. Sudhanshu S. Singh MSE Sep 14-18,2019
6 Financial time-series Modelling in R(FinMODE-2019) Dr.Wasim Ahmed E.S Sept 24-28,2019
7 Introduction to Micromanufacturing Prof. J. Ramkumar M.E Oct 14-18,2019
8 Host-microbiome Interaction for Tackling Anti-microbial Resistance and Role of Nanotechnology applications in Toxicology Risk Assessment. Prof. Santosh Kumar Misra; Prof. Saravanan matheshwaran and Prof. Ashok Kumar BSBE 27 Nov - 1 December 2019