About Us

Very warm welcome to the website of the National Wind Tunnel Facility, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. National Wind Tunnel Facility was established in year 1999 by hard & committed work of Professor N L Arrora, A K MittaL and various faculty members of IIT Kanpur to meet the national needs in areas of aeronautical and non-aeronautical R&D activities. NWTF houses the most versatile and efficient wind tunnel in India. It has various simulation and measurement systems, interchangeable test sections and is capable of testing at wind speed up to 80 m/sec. NWTF is committed to take up sponsored and consultancy projects as well as supporting the academic research at IIT Kanpur.Various consultancy and sponsored Research And Development projects funded by agencies such as, Indian Space Research Organization, Aeronautical Development Agency, Department of Science & Technology, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., NAL, DRDO, BOEING etc., have been undertaken by the Department. The department has the sophisticated instrumentation capabilities in order to conduct excellent wind tunnel experiments. We have exceptionally talented group of engineers having specialized in Design, Instrumentation, conducting experiments and providing Complete Research and developments solutions for the Projects .We have technical staff members who are well prepared with the best experience to meet the best Quality of Research expectations. We also excel in academics by providing all flexibility for students to conduct quality and meaningful Experiments. We also have the leverage of taking expertise help of IIT Kanpur professors, staff & using other research laboratories. NWTF has expertise in field of Aerospace, Instrumentation, Civil, Mechanical, Automobile and Computational fluid Dynamics for providing various needs of wind tunnel tests. Please visit our Website, where you will find descriptions of our Research facility and capabilities. Whatever your purpose in visiting our website, we wish you a very pleasant and enjoyable visit.


Provide support for national R&D needs in areas of Aerospace and non Aerospace applications.

Support academics research for faculty and students at Kanpur

Organizing programs for scientist and professionals from academia and industry through various short term


courses, workshops and conferences.

Exploring news areas of research in the fields of automobiles, civil and Aerospace fields.

Creating new experimental setups and capabilities for new challenges.


To Contribute for global Research and development areas in the field of Aerospace, Civil, Automobiles, Defense


and various other fields.

Providing Complete Solutions of the problem Including Experimental(wind tunnel Test) and Theoretical


(Computational Fluid Dynamics).

To develop and adapt new areas of expertise.

Rediscovering ourselves.