Procedure to install SPSS 23.0 in Microsoft Windows

To download SPSS 23.0 from CC ftp site click the appropriate link.

The procedure given below is for installation of SPSS 23.0 64-Bit on Windows. The installation on Linux is quite similar. For installation instructions on Mac OS, check this link

Run the setup file of SPSS 23.0
Select "Concurrent user license" and click "Next" button.
Accept the license agreement and click on "Next" button.

Input the "License Manager Server" IP Address in the Server IP Address box (License Manager Server for IIT Campus is "") & click on "Set".
Note: To Run SPSS 23.0, Campus network connectivity in required.

English help will be automatically installed, select optional language if required. Click "Next" to continue.
Select "Assistive Technology" option as required and click "Next" to continue.

Select "Yes" to install "Python" support for "SPSS 23" and click "Next" to continue"

Accept the license agreement and click on "Next" button.
Click "Next" button to continue.
Click on "Install" button.

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