Procedure to install Comsol 6.0 in Microsoft Windows

The procedure below explains installation of Comsol 6.0 in Windows 8/10/11 Operating System. The Comsol 6.0 software is compressed to a single file and available for download from CC ftp site. To download Comsol 6.0 Click Here.
Extract the zipped file of Comsol 6.0 to Local Drive (e.g. "D:\") and run the setup from the extracted folder.

Click on the icon preciding "New COMSOL 6.0 Installation".

Select "I accept the terms in license agreement".
Select the option "<port number>@<host name>" from the dropdown list of "License Format".
Input the "Port Number = 1718" and "Host name =" (Network License Server for IIT Campus is "") and click on "Check" button to view the License information.
Note: To Run Comsol 6.0, Campus Network connectivity in required.
Add DNS Suffixes if IP address is "Static". To configure DNS Suffixes Click Here

Click "Close".
Uncheck "License Manager" and click "Next" button.

Check "Set permanent security policy for applications" and select "Install for all users".

Click "Next" button.

Click "Next" button.

If Matlab is installed on the respective PC, browse to the matlab installation root (e.g. C:\Program files\MATLAB\R2018b).
Click "Next" and "Install".
Click on "Close".

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