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Prof. Javed N Malik (ES)

Prof. Anindita Chakrabarti (HSS)

Prof. Md. Arshad Rahman (ECO)

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Prof. Jitendra K. Bera (CHM) has been selected for the C. N. R. Rao National Prize in Chemical Sciences 2018.

Prof. Somnath Jha (Maths) has been selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore for a period of three years.

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Dr. A.K. Agarwal (Physics)

Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik (HSS)

Dr. Philose Koshy (HSS)

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Alumni in News

Dr. Inder K. Bhat
(MT/PhD/ME/1982/1987) has been appointed as the Chancellor of Manav Rachna University

Dr. Dheeraj Sanghi
(BT/CSE/1986) has been appointed as the Director of the Punjab Engineering College

Notable Alumni

Dr. K. Subramanian
(BT/EE/1994) is one of the most outstanding alumni of IIT Kanpur and a highly acclaimed expert in banking


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Prof. B.V. Phani
Dean, Resources and Alumni
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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Dr. Ashutosh Sharma
(BT/CHE/1982) has been selected to receive Honorary Doctorate in Science from State University of New York, Buffalo

Dr. Anubha Goel
(MT/EEM/2001) has been honoured with the 'Indoor Environment Lead Award’ at the AC IEQ 2019


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Mrs. Pooja Sankar



Prof. Rajesh Gopakumar



Mr. Amit Agarwal


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Mr. Saurabh Kumar


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Culture is intricately interwoven into life at IIT Kanpur. IITK has hosted leading exponents of art forms from around the world. The IITK campus community also has exceptionally talented artists.

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