Areas of Research

Covering all layers of abstraction - from materials to circuits

Atomistic Simulation

Strong compute and storage infrastructure for atomistic simulations - paving the way for first principle studies of materials. Research topics include materials like VO2, V2O5, black phosphoros, TMDs like MoS2, phosphorene, borophene among many others.

SPICE/Compact Modeling

Strong collaboration with the industry in terms of model development. Working closely with UC Berkeley to maintain and develop the BSIM standard models. Out ASM-HEMT model for GaN-HEMTs was recently recognized as an industry standard by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC)

DC and RF Device Characterization

State-of-the-art equipment for DC and RF characterization of packaged and on-wafer devices. High power measurement capabilities coupled with pulsed IV/RF and load pull systems allow for characterizations of higher level circuits like power amplifiers.

RF Circuit Design

Hardware and software capabilities to design and implement prototypes for RF circuits. Power Amplifier and Low Noise Amplifier design using advanced device technologies.