Video Transmission over OFDM based MIMO WSNs

Recent years have witnessed rapid advancements in the fabrication of low-cost miniature sensor nodes with powerful sensing capabilities. This fact, combined with the development of cutting edge wireless communication technologies has led to a surge of interest in research and deployment of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Such networks are envisaged to play a key role in weather monitoring, quality control, health care and many other such pivotal applications because of their low-cost of deployment and ad-hoc networking capabilities, which can enable the set up of a networked sensor infrastructure very rapidly. Video and Multimedia content transmission is a key area of interest in sensor networks owing to its tremendous utility for surveillance and monitoring applications. However, transmission of video over sensor networks is an enormously challenging issue due to the limited power resources and computational capabilities available in such miniature sensor nodes. The objective of this project is to intelligently combine aspects of sensor communication with novel video processing schemes to develop efficient video/multimedia content processing algorithms that minimize the transmission overhead while ensuring reliability of the received content. This in turn will have a tremendous impact on the speed and scale of deployment of such networks and robustness of the deployed networks.