1. Convex Optimization Preliminaries Sets/ Functions
  2. Optimization for MU-MIMO Beamforming
  3. Application in Cognitive Radio Systems
  4. Optimization for 5G Cooperative Communication Systems
  5. Duality and Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Framework
  6. Compressive Sensing, Sparse Signal Processing
  7. image/ Video Processing, Reconstruction
  8. Channel Estimation for 4G MIMO-OFDM systems
  9. Channel Estimation for 5G Massive MIMO Systems
  10. Sparse Channel Estimation for Efficiency
  11. Capacity optimization for MIMO-OFDM, 5G Massive MIMO, Cognitive Radio Networks
  12. Convex optimization for Big Data
  13. Convex optimization for Machine Learning, Support Vector Machines
  14. Full Day MATLAB-CVX Project on MIMO-OFDM, Compressive Sensing, Cooperative Communication, Big Data and Machine Learning