Research Scholars' Day

May 07, 2022

09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Lecture Hall (L16)

"Without the dreamers who write science fiction and other imaginary material we'd still be sitting in caves… if we weren't already extinct."   - William C. Samples

RSD 2022

Materials Science and Engineering Department brings the occasion of Research Scholars' Day (RSD) - Padarth-2022.
If science fiction excites you and you have the thrill to showcase your imagination to the world, this is an exciting opportunity to open windows of your creativity and also get a chance to win exciting prizes. This event gives you the opportunity to showcase your research to your peers.

RSD includes these major events:

Oral Presentation Poster Presentation Micrography Contest
2-Min Thesis Elucidate Meta-meme Debate

Poster - RSD 2022