Program at a Glance

9:00 AM-9:20 AM

Inaugural Session

9:20 AM-10:00 AM

Prof Indranil Manna (via Skype)

Tea Break

Session-01 Chair

10:20 AM-10:45PM

Assessment of diffusion mobilities in β- BCC phase of Ti-Al-Nb system

Aparna Tripathi


Understanding towards the role of shear bands on recrystallization texture of 54Ni-24W-22Fe alloy

Mirtunjay Kumar


Effect of strain reversal during monotonic and cyclic high-pressure torsion of CoCuFeMnNi high entropy alloy

Reshma Sonkusare


Influence of grain boundary character on sensitization in alloy 600

Sandeep Sahu

12:00PM AM-12:25PM

Quantitative Assessment of Second Phase Particles Characteristics and its Role on the Deformation Response of a Mg-8Al-0.5Zn Alloy

Sarvesha R

Lunch Break

1:45 PM- 2:15 PM

Prof. S. Sangal

Session-02 Chair


Qγ-Fe2O3/polyvinylidene fluoride nanocomposite for transparent and flexible triboelectric nanogenerator and magneto-triboelectric nanogenerator

Bushara Fatma


Agar basedhydrogel dressing for chronic wounds

Suhela Tyeb


A new approach for synthesis of ZnO nanorod flowerets and subsequent pure free-standing ZnO nanorods

Bharat Bhushan


Li(I)–Purine Based Solid Electrolyte: Electrochemical study for conductivity and transference number


4:00 PM -5: 30 PM

Poster Session/ Metallography exhibition + High Tea

5:30 PM Onwards

Material Science Quiz and Certificate Distribution

6: 00 PM

Vote of Thanks