Oral Presentation

  1. The total time allotted to each speaker is 25 mins. You should plan to speak for 20 mins and leave 5 mins for questions
  2. Slides must be clear and must convey information
  3. Slides must not be crowded/ clustered and must not contain low resolution images
  4. References may be put at the end or in slide itself as per requirement
  5. Please try to avoid using too much animations

Poster Presentation

  1. Poster Can be designed using Microsoft Power Point or Photoshop
  2. Poster Board Size: ( Width: 3 ft, Height: 3.6 ft- Portrait Orientation)
  3. Authors are requested to use good quality paper and printing of their choice
  4. Poster should contain , " Title, details of authors and  their affiliation, introduction, experimental, results and discussions, conclusions and references wherever applicable"
  5. Please ensure that the front size of the text in poster is readable. Contents should be readable from at least 3 ft distance
  6. Color schemes can be used as desired and should aid readability of contents
  7. Use figures (TIF/JPEG) with clarity
  8. Multiple columns can be used if required
  9. Leave ample border around the poster for ease of sticking on the display board

Metallography Contest

  • Micrographs may be in color or black and white which shall be pasted on a base white sheet of A4/A3 size only
  • On the front side the entry should contain an attractive caption, brief description of the micrograph (Max. 30 words)
  • Roll no. names and affiliation details should be on the back side of the entry
  • Micrographs submitted for the contest shall be of good quality with micron marker and based on the original work of the contestants
  • Color schemes can be used as desired but editing is strictly prohibited.
  • Organizers reserve the write to reject any inappropriate and incomplete entry
  • An individual can submit max. 4 micrographs

Posters and Metallographs should be submitted by Friday noon

Prizes for the winners in poster presentation and metallography contest

Participation certificates for all participants