Arunabh Meshram
(PhD, Metallurgical Engineering-IIT BHU, Varanasi, India)
Assistant Professor, Department of MSE
Office: Faculty Building 409
Phone: +91 512 259 2268


Non-Ferrous Extractive Metallurgy

Areas of Interest:

Recovery of valuable products, Industrial Waste Management, Electronic waste recycling

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, the Department of MSE, IIT Kanpur (Dec 2021-Present)
  • Temporary faculty, the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, NIT Raipur (July 2019 - Nov 2021)

Selected Journal Publications

  • Meshram, A., Jain, A., Gautam, D., Singh, K.K., 2019. Synthesis and characterization of tamarugite from aluminium dross: Part I. Journal of Environmental Management 232, 978– 984.
  • Meshram, A., Singh, K.K., 2018. Recovery of valuable products from hazardous aluminum dross: A review. Resource Conservation and Recycling 130, 95–108.
  • Meshram, A., Jain, A., Rao, M.D., Singh, K.K., 2019. From industrial waste to valuable products: preparation of hydrogen gas and alumina from aluminium dross. J. Mater. Cycles Waste Manag. 0, 0.
  • Meshram, A., Gautam, D., Jain, A., Rao, M.D., Mohan, D., Singh, K.K., 2019. Employing organic solvent precipitation to produce tamarugite from white aluminium dross. J. Clean. Prod. 231, 835–845.
  • Meshram, A., Gautam, D., Singh, K.K., 2020. Recycling of White Aluminium Dross: Production of Potash Alum. Trans. Indian. Inst. Met.
  • Jha, R., Rao, M. D., Meshram, A., Verma, H. R., Singh, K.K., 2020. Potential of polymer inclusion membrane process for selective recovery of waste printed circuit boards: A review. J. Clean. Prod. 265.

Conference Proceedings

  • Meshram, A., Singh, K.K., 2017. Generation of hydrogen-gas from aluminum dross, in: European Metallurgical Conference 2017. Leipzig, Germany, pp. 1451–1460.
  • Meshram, A., Jha, R., Varghese, S., 2020, Towards recycling: understanding the modern approach to recover waste aluminium dross. Materials Today Proceedings
  • Agrawal, A., Kumar, C., Meshram, A., 2021, Recovery of carbon rich material: recycling of spent pot lining: a review. Materials Today Proceedings
  • Rao, M. D., Jha R., Meshram, A., Singh, K. K., Mankhand, T. R., 2021. Recycling of gold by leaching and solvent extraction from chemically pre-treated obsolete mobile phone PCBs, in: 25th International Conference on Nonferrous Metals 2021, New Delhi, India