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Material Advantage at the Indian Insitute of Technology - Kanpur, is a student chapter of the world renowned Material Advantage, a student program for material science and engineering.

Material Advantage is a window providing access to the materials science and engineering professional's most eminent societies:


ACerS - The American Ceramic Society

AIST - Association for Iron & Steel Technology

ASM International

TMS - The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society


The members of Material Advantage at IITK, associate ourselves to accomplish the following:


1. Promote Materials Science and Engineering through a joint chapter of ASM, TMS, AIST and Acers;

2. Provide opportunities for student to become active in the field of Materials Science and Engineering;

3. Provide forums for the exchange of information;

4. Contribute to the learning experience by providing sufficient tools from our research centers and experienced professionals;


5. Encourage professionalism, ethical behavior.  

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“If I have seen further,

then it is by standing

on the shoulders of giants.”


-Sir Isaac Newton

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MA @ IIT K bags the award for

the most recruited for Fall 2009


The Materials Advantage Chapter  at IIT Kanpur  has bagged ‘Most Students Recruited Award’ from Material Advantage Charter for the Fall 2009 challenge. This global challenge  comprised a win against more than 75 active chapters worldwide, including Georgia Tech., Carnegie Mellon, Rutgers, and Lehigh. This accolade comes with a cash award of US$ 500.00. 





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