Study of field pattern of various modes inside a rectangular waveguide

Prof. M J Akhtar and Prof. K V Srivastava   


Please download the file shown on the left to perform the actual experiment.

  • Step 1: Select the frequency band in which you wish to see the field pattern.

  • Step 2: Select the type of mode, i.e., either Tranverse Electric (TE) or Transverse Magnetic (TM).

  • Step 3: Select Pattern:

    i) Electric Field: Select this to view the electric field pattern of the given mode.

    ii) Magnetic Field : Select this to view the magnetic field pattern of the given mode.

    iii) Surface Current: Select this option to view the surface current density for TE10 mode.

  • Step 4: Enter the values of m and n to obtain the field pattern, where m stands for no.of half waves of electric or magnetic intensity in the X- direction, and n stands for number of half waves in the y direction if the propagation of wave is in z direction.

  • Step 5: Run the VI up to see the desired field pattern in XY, YZ and XZ planes. In case, you wish to see the other field pattern then click stop and repeat steps 1-4 before running the program again.

  • You may see the the following example for your reference, where appropriate buttons are selected in order to observe the electric field pattern of TE10 mode in X-band:

    Enter the frequency in GHz

    Select Mode (TE/TM)

    Select pattern

    Select value of mode numbers m and n

    View the pattern