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Course Objective:

1. Providing participants a brief theoretical foundation of RF, microwave and THz techniques from the imaging and material testing perspective.
2. Explaining briefly the physics of microwave, millimeter-wave, and terahertz imaging.
3. Introducing the concept of electromagnetic inverse scattering and reconstruction algorithms for the microwave/THz imaging.
4. Introducing various analytical and numerical modelling schemes required for the microwave and THz imaging.
5. Explaining the fundamental difference between lateral and depth imaging, the achievable resolution in both cases, and the limits of their improvement, impact of higher penetrability on the achievable resolution.
6. Exposing the participants to the new emerging topics in the field of the microwave and THz for sub-surface and lateral imaging of test objects and media.
7. Showing the usage of microwave, mm-wave and Terahertz imaging techniques for various real world applications including the methodologies adopted for the same.
8. Motivating the young minds to the innovative research field of microwave and THz imaging by showing various RF imaging experimental modules for the biomedical, industrial and security applications.


Intended Participants (Who can attend)

Faculty members from academic institutions working in the field of electromagnetic theory and microwave engineering; Researchers, Scientists and Engineers from R&D organizations and Industry Professionals working in the RF domain and Students at all levels (B.Tech/MSc/M.Tech/Ph.D.)



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