Robotics and Mechanisms

Compliant-link biped trajectory

The Robotics and Mechanisms area seeks to promote research and develop technologies that enable systems to exhibit intelligent, goal-oriented behavior, and developing innovative instruments to monitor, manipulate, and control systems. Overall, our research spans the following areas: humanoid robots, intelligent control systems, flexible manipulators, mechanism theory, microsensors and actuators, and compliant mechanism. We focus on enabling technologies that necessitate novel design solutions in terms of development of new methods of synthesis, analysis & optimization of novel robots and mechanisms.

Research Areas


  • Analysis, synthesis and motion planning of robots and mechanisms

  • Biped Locomotion: Design and experimentation of optimal energy efficient biped robots with compliance at foot, knee joints, etc.

  • Exoskeleton: Human motion based design and development of a three finger 10 DOF exoskeleton robot hand for rehabilitation of stroke patients.

  • Intelligent control systems: Design, development and path planning of 14 DOF Lunar rover on 3D terrain. Kinematics and redundancy resolution for performing tasks with arm on rover.

  • Micro Sensors and Actuators: Ionic Polymer Metal Composite (IPMC) based grippers and mechanisms for robotic micro assembly.

  • Smart compliant mechanisms

Research Laboratories:

Robotiscs Laboratory
Smart Materials, Structures and Systems Laboratory
Compliant and Robotics Systems (CARS) Lab

Associated Faculty


Bishakh Bhattacharya, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Smart Structures, Active & Passive Vibration Control, Flexible Manipulators and Smart complaint joints, Active Shape Control and Adaptive Structures.

Bhaskar Dasgupta, PhD (IISc Bangalore): Robotics, CAD, Mechanisms, Machine Dynamics, Engineering Computation.

Ashish Dutta, PhD (Akita University, Japan): Robotics, Intelligent Control systems, Microsensors and actuators, Bio-robotics.

Anupam Saxena (PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA): Compliant Mechanisms, Topology Design, CAD, Robotics, MEMs, Optimization, Large Deformation Systems.

Two-link mechanism

Foot sole model using FEM

Effect of soft joints on biped gait