Workshop on Statistical Techniques and R Software
(STARS - 2016)

 Sponsored By: Continuing Education Programme of IIT Kanpur
(08 - 12 September, 2016)



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An intensive course on Statistical Analysis and R - Software will be conducted during 08 - 12 September, 2016. This workshop is sponsored by the Continuing Education Programme of IIT Kanpur. The program will be specifically useful for persons who are concerned with training, teaching, industry and research using the Statistical tools and Statistical Software. The course is also designed to cater the needs of scientists from R & D labs and practicing engineers as well as management personals.



The statistical tools play an important role in the engineering sciences. Recent advancement in engineering methodologies are compelling the engineers for learning and understanding the statistical tools for modelling and analysis of the data arising from their experiments. Realizing the need of the time, the present workshop is aiming to give lectures and training on the Statistical tools, topics of Linear Regression Modelling and R - Statistical Software ( The participants will be exposed to the statistical background and fundamentals behind the tools along with training to use R - Statistical Software with examples.
They will also be trained and taught, how to do such analysis through R- statistical software and how to interpret the outcomes.


Speakers and Instructors:


 Target Audience:
* Engineering / Science College Teachers

* Researchers
* Management Faculty
* Professional and Practicing Engineers and Managers
* Scientists of R & D Labs