SEAL 2010

Eighth International Conference on

Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL-2010)
01 - 04 December 2010, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, India
Evolutionary computation and learning approaches are two fundamental methods of adaptation which received an increasing attention over the past years. Simulated Evolution and Learning (SEAL-2010) is the eighth biennial conference which will be followed after a series of successful SEAL conferences, the last being organized at the University of Melbourne, Australia in December 2008. Cross-fertilisation between evolutionary learning and other machine learning approaches, such as neural network learning, reinforcement learning, decision tree learning, fuzzy system learning, etc., will be encouraged by the conference. The other major theme of the conference is optimisation by evolutionary approaches or hybrid evolutionary approaches. The topics of interest to this conference include but are not limited to the following: Evolutionary Learning; Evolutionary Optimisation (single and multi-objective); Hybrid Learning; Hybrid optimization, Adaptive Systems; Theoretical Issues in Evolutionary Computation; Real-World Applications of Evolutionary Computation and learning Techniques. See Call For Papers for further details.

The Eighth International Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL-2010)

1-4 December, 2010, IIT Kanpur, India



  • For Authors Visiting the Conference

    Accommodation will be provided inside IITK-Campus for the duration of conference, i.e., from 30th November to 4th December. If the person wants to stay beyond the duration of the conference, we would advise you to immediately contact us. We will advise you accordingly. For a list of hotels in Kanpur, please click here

  • For Non-authors Visiting the Conference

    Since the number of rooms available inside campus are limited, our first priority will be to accommodate the delegates who will be presenting their papers which are going to be published in the proceedings. Nevertheless, we would advise you to contact us immediately in case you need accommodation inside IIT-Kanpur.

Based on the details we have received from the participants we have uploaded the names of the participants for whom rooms have been reserved inside IIT-Kanpur for the conference duration, i.e., November 30- December 4, 2010 (to see the list click here). In case you are visiting the conference and have registered, yet your name does not appear in the list we would request you to inform us immediately.

Kanpur Genetic Algorithms Laboratory (KanGAL), SEAL-2010.